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Drexel Heritage Shield

DH Shield Logo At Drexel Heritage, we love helping you design a beautifully decorated home that is also a comfortable, functional haven for you and your family to enjoy. We make our furniture with just that in mind. We have created DH Shield to help your furniture keep its delivery-day luster for years to come.

DH Shield is an optional lacquer that can be applied to the tops of many Drexel Heritage pieces to provide increased durability and enhanced protection on wood finishes and nearly all painted tops. It helps protect the area that is most likely to show scratches and rub marks over time, and guards against staining and dulling that can occur when exposed to moisture and common household products.

Since only the top of the furniture will be re-coated with the hard topcoat there may be slight variation between the top and vertical surfaces of the furniture. Every effort will be made to match the original sheen of the furniture as closely as possible. While DH Shield is a very hard topcoat, it is important to remember proper care should still be taken to protect the surface of your furniture including the immediate removal of all spills.